Samantha’s Story

In 2008 I suffered a head injury, when a security light fell off the side of a building in high winds, swung on its cord, and hit me in the face. Medically speaking, it was a minor head injury (I was lucky – it hit me on the strongest part of my face). Psychologically speaking, it sparked the beginning of a long journey to recovery.

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Katie’s Story

21, United States.

In some ways, I am a failure.

When I was twenty-one and in college, I had no friends.

I had no friends because I attempted suicide, and that, too, I failed at. I’ve failed to kill myself on more occasions than I can count, and ended up in the hospital twice, where the doctors failed to diagnose me properly.

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Margaret’s Story

18, US.

Beep… beep… beep…The heart monitor was too slow. I stared out the window at the sunny brick wall, my only indication of the weather in the world outside that proceeded on without me. I sat upright in the thin sheets of my bed with the plastic covering underneath. The nurse came in with my tray of food, closing the door and the curtains surrounding it as she left. How had I gotten here?

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