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Beautiful, inspiring, brave and exquisitely personal stories of recovery from mental health conditions.

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Are you in recovery from a mental health condition? Does it no longer dominate your life, and you feel like you're on the right track with recovery? We're looking for people who have overcome such challenges and can now inspire others who are going through the same things.

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The Journey of Recovery from Mental Health Conditions

Join the Recovery Fighters. Help erase the stigma of mental health conditions.

The stigma on mental health disorders and illnesses is strong; many people are afraid or uncomfortable to approach their family and friends for support. We provide a platform for sharing positive, inspiring stories of recovery.

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Samantha’s Story

In 2008 I suffered a head injury, when a security light fell off the side of a building in high winds, swung on its cord, and hit me in the face. … [To the Story]